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Worksheets can really help to focus a group visit and guide learners to analyse the collection in more depth.  We’ve created a variety of different subject-specific worksheets for you to choose from.  Download and print your selected worksheet(s) and bring enough copies for your learners.

Please note advance booking is essential for group visits. Contact our Booking Team on 020 7243 9611 or email

The admission fee for groups of 10 or more is £4.50 per person (up to 16) or £6.30 per person (aged 17 plus). Group leaders are £8.10 per person.


Teachers Guides Primary School and EYFS

Food and Shopping
Toys and Games

Worksheets: GCSE 

Art and Design
Business Studies
Graphic Communication
Graphic Products
History WW1 Focus
History WW2 Focus
Media Studies

Worksheets: FE/HE

Art & Design
Business Marketing
Business Studies
Communications Strategy
Gender in Advertising
Graphic Design
Media Studies
English as a foreign/second language
Visual Communication
Intellectual Property Advisor
Intellectual Property Creator

Translated Worksheets: High School

Art and Design (Spanish)
Art and Design (French)
Graphic Communication (Spanish)
Graphic Communication (French)
Graphic Products (Spanish)
Graphic Products (French)
Manufacturing (Spanish)
Manufacturing (French)

Translated Worksheets: University

Advertising (German)
Advertising (Spanish)
Art & Design (French)
Art & Design (German)
Art & Design (Italian)
Branding (Italian)
Branding (Spanish)
Business Marketing (German)
Business Marketing (Italian)
Business Marketing (Mandarin)
Business Marketing (Spanish)
Business Studies (French)
Communications Strategy (Italian)
Communications Strategy (Spanish)
English as foreign/second language (Italian)
English as foreign/second language (Spanish)
Graphic Design (French)
Graphic Design (Italian)
Marketing (French)
Marketing (Italian)
Media Studies (French)
Media Studies (Italian)
Packaging (French)
Packaging (Italian)
Visual Communication (Mandarin)
Visual Communication (French)
Visual Communication (Italian)
Visual Communication (Spanish)


Goody Bags

A souvenir of your trip can be an important part of an educational visit, however we understand that visiting the shop can often be time consuming. Goody bags for your group are available to pre-order for collection on the day of your visit. Email for pricing information.

Worksheets (English)

Worksheets (Other)

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