Introductory Talks

Learn about the stories told within the Museum’s collection from the Victorian era to the present day.  Travel through the Time Tunnel equipped with our Consumer Culture quiz and (re)discover the rations of the 40s, the chocolate bars of the 50s, the washing powders of the 60s and much, much more!  When you emerge again in 2017 enjoy homemade soup, sandwiches, teas and coffees.  Souvenirs galore can be found in our award-winning Museum shop.

Prices: £90 for talk + £6.30 per visitor
Due to the size of the space, we can deliver talks to up to 25 people at a time
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Creative Reminiscence Sessions

Book a hands-on creative session with our Learning Team, handle a variety of objects and reminisce about the everyday products of yesteryear.  Refreshments can be arranged in advance.  Contact the team on for more details.  Sessions cost £100 for up to 10 people and £125 for 11 to 20 people. The Museum is fully accessible.


Reminiscence Loan Packs

Our Creative Reminiscence Packs feature a wide range of replica items from our unique and evocative collection of well-known household brands from the past century.

The packs are FREE to loan, with a £50 deposit that will be fully reimbursed once the packs and all their contents have been returned. You can download a booking form here. Both packs include activities to do using the collection to aid support workers in delivering exciting discussions, group work and creative practice outside the Museum.

The ‘Let’s Go Shopping’ pack includes a 1930s HP Sauce bottle, a vintage Bovril jar, a 1950s Rowntree’s jelly, Typhoo Tea, Bird’s Custard Powder and a Kit Kat with a shopping basket to house them all.

‘Rationing’ includes a pack of 1940s playing cards, Roald Dahl’s ‘The Gremlins’, a VE/VJ celebration mug, Heinz soup can, a Ration chocolate bar, magazine covers, cookery pamphlets and more.

 This is supported by the RBKC Arts Service.


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