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Design for Happiness - Monday 19 November 2018, 6.30 - 9pm


Evening Talk

Design for Happiness

19th November, 6.30 - 9pm



Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop. Insight and innovation agency Brand Genetics will share simple evidence-based exercises to help you re-design brands, life and love with people’s happiness in mind. Based on scientific research into what makes people happy, learn how positive psychology - the new science of improving happiness and wellbeing - can help brands improve the quality of people’s lives. So, if you are interested in injecting some positivity into your brand, into your life and into your work, then come and find out why the future of marketing is ‘positive branding’.

Overview of the evening:

6.30-7pm Afterhours access to the Museum of Brands. Explore the collection of 150 years of packaging history while enjoying a drink from the bar.
7-8pm Session with Paul Marsden
8-8.30pm Q&A
8.30-9pm Networking, bar, and last chance to explore the Museum

Introducing Paul Marsden 

Brand Genetics is a consumer insight and innovation agency working with global brands around the world to build a more human future. Dr. Paul Marsden is a consumer psychologist with Brand Genetics specialising in wellbeing, innovation and technology. He lectures on marketing, innovation and consumer psychology at the Fashion Business School of the London College of Fashion.


Monday 19 November
6.30 - 9pm