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Lunchtime Talks Gender in Advertising 10 and 24 March, 7 and 21 April

Museum of Brands

Gender Roles in the Museum of Brands Packaging and Advertising 


Lunchtime talks

Time: 2pm 
Fridays 10, 24 March and 7, 21 April
Free with paid admission


This talk will begin with the story of the Museum and the collection. The learning team will then introduce the idea of using the existing collection to reflect on the construction gender roles within consumer culture. Offering the opportunity to trace branded products from Victorian times to present day, this talk is well placed to explore the relationship between adverts and consumers in relation to gender roles. After the talk, visitors will be able to explore the Time Tunnel with a specially made Museum trail and watch Lindsey Clay's new short film on the representation of Women in TV Commercials.

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Women in Advertising at the Museum of Brands

Museum Manager at The Museum of Brands says, “The representation of women in advertising has shifted considerably over the generations – often controversial, more often challenging.  At the Museum we are very excited to be able to show these changes in the depiction of women through a series of initiatives devised to inform and engage with the widest audience.  At a time when gender balance is the subject of many a debate in the media, in business and more recently in government, we feel it’s important to look at the evolution of the female role model in advertising and how this feeds into our day to day lives.”


Mothers Day Sunday 26 March

The Museum is putting on an afternoon of talks and trails to share the history of the Museum, the story of Mother's Day and the portrayal of motherhood in the media. From playing family games in Edwardian times, gathering around the 1920s radio, or promoting everything from biscuits to soap, this talk complements the Women in Advertising focus at the Museum.

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FE/HE Learning Offers

There will also be learning offerings and workshops for Further and Higher Education students. For further information on these, see our learning brochure, or contact Rose