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My Money Week 2017 12 - 18 June 2017

My Money Week at the Museum of Brands

Inspired by the ninth annual My Money Week, The Museum of Brands is offering Primary and Secondary schools the opportunity to add more depth to their economics-focused activity from 12 - 18 June 2017.

‘My Money Week is a national activity week for primary and secondary schools that provides a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence in money matters to thrive in our society. It is the highest profile, and most recognised personal finance education initiative in England.’ Personal Finance Education Group

From KS1 to KS3 we have a series of money-focused works which build creative enterprise skills and explore My Money Week themes within the context of the Museum.


Chocolate Product Devising and Branding
 A maths and enterprise focused interactive session in which learners brand and market a new chocolate product. After costing their product according to which ingredients to include, learners decide how to invest their marketing budget in relation to their target audience.


Customer Profiling

Students use research and detective skills to explore how different products are targeting a variety of customers. After producing in-depth profiles of these customers, students create collaged images to express the way brands are communicating to specific audience groups.

Brand Evolution Challenge
Students analyse the development of supermarket brands from Victorian times to present day. After undertaking research within the Museum, teams of students devise their own brand iterations and present their ideas.

Workshops cost £120 for a group of 25 students, additional learners at £6.30 each up to a maximum of 30. This price includes up to three group leader places and full Museum entry.

Get in touch to organise your visit this June, to book email Carrie or Rose.