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Surveys are boring! Let's use Games instead! Monday Monday 14 May 2018

Time: 6pm - 9pm
Date: Monday 14 May 2018
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This two-hour masterclass is part of the Museum of Brands’ professional development programme: a series of talks, workshops and masterclasses in 2018. With a focus on brand, marketing and advertising, these sessions enable attendees to delve deeply into various aspects of these broad subjects. 


This playshop (playful workshop) will immerse you in the power of using games as research instruments, and change the way you think about games and research forever.

Brought to you by Betty Adamou, founder of Research Through Gaming and inventor of the ResearchGame methodology, you will be able to watch genuine gameplay footage during the session, listen to real case-studies from work conducted with Fortune 500 companies and academic institutions, and hear about how games will shape the future of data collection, insight and change with VR, AI and AR.

You will learn how and why games are so intrinsically engaging, and why games have been used in a multitude of industries - from advergaming to games that have had genuine impact in medical developments.

Most fun part: You will learn the process of designing a ResearchGame, and work in teams to design your very own ResearchGame during the playshop!

The winning team will receive the Most Applicable ResearchGame Design certificate and walk away with a new found love for games, and another feature on their CV. 


6-6.30pm After Hours Access to the Museum’s collection
6.30-8.30pm Two Hour Playshop with Betty Adamou in the Conference Space
8.30-9pm Drinks and Networking in the Museum


Introducing Betty Adamou CEO & Founder, Research Through Gaming

Betty Adamou is the Founder & Chief ResearchGame Designer at Research Through Gaming, based in the UK.

She is the inventor of ResearchGames™ and voted as “1 of 7 women shaping the future of market research”.

Adamou is the author of the upcoming book ‘Gamification and Games in Market Research’, to be published by Kogan Page publishing in November 2018 and consistently designs, makes, writes about, and provides university lectures on using games as instruments for data collection, research, insight and change. As such, she is frequently interviewed, asked to deliver keynote presentations and guest magazine articles.

Her ResearchGames have been used by Fortune 500 brands, education institutions and academic studies, which have consistently delivered context-based insight that has gone on to successfully improve services, spur new apparel and FMCG product development, and renew consumer understanding, among other outcomes.