Art Commission

We are thrilled to open a new stunning street art commission in collaboration with Kensington & Chelsea Art Weekend.

The mural, opening on the 28th June, is a part of Love Kensington + Chelsea mural initiative located at the front of the Museum of Brands building. The mural will transform the Museum’s façade and create a striking new landmark to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike for the next 3 months.

The design was selected by public vote and won by Sean Steed who is currently pursuing an MA in Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art.

In response to creating the design Sean says, “While visiting the Museum of Brands, I was stimulated by all of the typography, lettering, colour combinations and illustrations. I eventually selected 12 – 15 iconic brands, which I rendered in a colour scheme inspired by the Kensington and Chelsea Borough flag. I wanted to capture both vintage and contemporary branding. Inspired by the Notting Hill carnival and markets, I imagined a world of falling and floating branded objects. It depicts an immersive overwhelming environment and evokes a sense of lack of control. Brands will always be all around us wherever we look so an image that bleeds from the architectural frame was necessary. This proposal aims to showcase an image that is just as graphic and eye-catching as the original branding. The decision was made not to directly copy any logos, but to instead break them down, abstract them or simply have a play on words. Asking the questions: To what extent must logos be manipulated in order for the public to no longer recognise them? Is is the name, colour, shape, container or packaging?

KCAW says, ‘The project creates temporary landmarks to identify the area geographically for residents, businesses and visitors; to increase a sense of civic pride; to strengthen connection across the community; and to celebrate the vibrancy and creativity of the borough’.

About Sean Steed: Sean Steed is currently pursuing an MA in Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art (London, UK). In May 2018, Sean graduated from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, USA) where he received a Bachelor of Architecture with a concentration in Visual Representation and minored in Fine Arts with a focus on Printmaking. Upon graduation he was awarded the Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Medal for his thesis work as well at the Robert James Eidlitz Travel Fellowship to produce new work in Iceland during the summer.


Kensington + Chelsea Art Weekend is an annual celebration of arts and culture in West London. Staged in the summer, the Festival’s vision is to celebrate and promote West London as a cultural hotspot, to celebrate its artistic legacy and abundant creative future. KCAW shines a spotlight on the area’s unexpected and unique cultural variety across a multitude of studios, museums, galleries, exhibition spaces and businesses, attracting local and international audiences to hundreds of events and installations throughout the borough.

Kensington + Chelsea Art Weekend is Supported by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

The mural is part of Love Kensington + Chelsea Art Weekend temporary public art trail in collaboration with local artists and institutions, designs have been chosen by public vote. Residents are invited to write to Kensington + Chelsea Art Weekend: