Can Marketing Save Lives?

A Century of Public Health Marketing Campaigns

Dig for Victory, Measles is Misery, Don’t Die of Ignorance – Over the past century, these campaigns have motivated, frightened, and educated the British public. Now, we remember them in an exhibition celebrating the work of Public Health England. Incorporating published and material artefacts, the exhibition illustrates the role of marketing in public health and the enduring power of such communications.

The past century of campaigns is divided into five historical eras: Fighting Fit, War to Welfare, Age of Aspiration, Age of Fear and Age of Participation. This is followed by a consideration of what the future may hold for public health marketing. Historic posters, television adverts, and objects tell the remarkable story of Public Health England, including campaigns for food rationing, the launch of the NHS, the first vaccinations, AIDS awareness, smoking legislation and the influence of new digital technologies. Together, they demonstrate the persuasive power of effective marketing.

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