Webinar – Decoding the Face to Unlock Audiences with Adrianne Carter

4 November / 13:00 – 14:00 hrs

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On this webinar – decoding the face to unlock audiences, Adrianne Carter will be speaking about facial expressions of emotion, how to recognise emotions, what emotions mean in campaigns and the impact of faces and the perception of audiences. She will also talk about how to create marketing/advertising campaigns that resonate with audiences across the world. Authenticity and alignment in the models used adds the sparkle to a brand campaign.

What you will learn

  • What the 7 universal emotions are and their variants
  • What Audience engagement is and how to maximise it
  • The 3 worst facial expressions for a brand campaign
  • Great brand campaigns and not so great brand campaigns and what makes them so

Agenda – November 4 from 13:00 – 14:00

13:00-13:45 Talk with Adrianne Carter

13:45-14:00 Q&A and discussion

adrianne carter, decoding the face

About the speaker

Adrianne Carter is the UK’s foremost expert in facial expressions of emotion, emotions and behaviour.  Working with brands, marketers, and others to uncover the truth, and understand emotions, emotional connections and behaviour.  Adrianne started her own company to deliver high-end marketing analysis, training and keynote speeches.

Having worked with global brands Coca Cola; L’Oreal, Disney, Unilever, Samaritans and guest lectures on consumer psychology, Adrianne has seen her work in 17 different countries.

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