How to Build Your Brand


Every successful organisation knows how to tell their story. They understand what their audience needs and they understand how to communicate that with a minimum of fuss. That, essentially, is the secret of good branding.

Date: 10 December / Time: 18:30 –  21:00 / Price: £48

What you will learn

This masterclass will teach you the principles behind every successful brand and give you practical tips and tricks to shape your own story without spending a fortune. You will learn:

  • The 12 key questions you need to answer to better tell your story
  • How to answer those questions so they provide you with real value
  • How to articulate your Value Proposition clearly and succinctly
  • How to test and validate your ideas about your brand
  • How to differentiate your brand and stand out from the competition
  • How to bring your brand to life so it works in the real world
  • Practical tips you can start applying right away


  • 6.30-7pm After-hours access to the Museum, bar and networking
  • 7-8pm Talk with Michael Murdoch
  • 8-8.30pm Q&A and discussion
  • 8.30-9pm Bar and networking in the Museum

About Michael Murdoch:

Michael founded The House creative agency in 2009 and has been a Brand Strategist for nearly 20 years working with emerging and established organisations around the world like NHS, MTV, Diabetes UK, Sanyo, Fairtrade and Nokia to smaller startups like Franklin Scholars, Mixcloud and Olive Branch. Michael has won awards for his work and helps clients find their full potential, taking them step-by-step through their projects in partnership with them. Graduating from courses at Central Saint Martins, UWE and Oxford University, Michael loves working with entrepreneurs and hopes to pass on his skills and expertise on to help them be the top 10% of organisations that succeed.