The Science of Memory Making in Advertising

In an evening talk held at the Museum of Brands on June 10th, Dr Hamish McPharlin, Head of insight at BBC Global News, spoke about the ‘Science of memory making in advertising’, enhancing our understanding of what makes a brand story impactful and enduring in the minds of our consumers. He shared findings from the award-winning research undertaken by the BBC and explored the methods used to measure how emotion in storytelling works to imprint itself in long term memory and increase the equity of a brand.

McPharlin explained that “Tapping into the secret of long-term memory is hugely powerful for telling brand stories. If we can create content that will be encoded into a consumer’s long-term memory the more likely they are to recall that brand when they’re looking to buy.”

McPharlin concluded the talk with a fascinating Q&A session, allowing his audience, including representatives from Nelson’s Remedies and Cognita, to discuss and reflect on the content covered.

Overall, both the talk and Science of Memory study provided invaluable insights that all attendees will be able to take away and apply to their work, gaining an invaluable insight into how to create memorable and emotionally engaging content.


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