Neuroscience – Why Do People Buy?


Did you know that most consumer decisions are made at the subconscious level? Sandra Murphy, Director of Neuroscience at Nielsen, will introduce you to the way brands use neuroscience to hone their products and understand their consumers’ subconscious reactions.

Date: 4 February / Time: 18:30 – 21:00 / Price: £26

What you will learn

Sandra will provide background into how the conscious and subconscious brain works, bringing the discussion to live with a live demonstration of how specialist equipment is used with a look at the results on screen.


6.30 – 7pm After-hours access to the Museum, drinks and networking

7- 8pm Talk with Sandra Murphy

8- 8.30pm Q&A

8.30-9pm Bar and networking in the Museum

About Sandra Murphy

Sandra Murphy is Director of Neuroscience at Nielsen CNS, the market leader in bringing neuroscience to the world of advertising, messaging, packaging, and product development. Nielsen CNS clients include Fortune 100 companies across consumer package goods, food and beverage, financial services, automotive, and retail sectors. Nielsen CNS leverages academic expertise in neuroscience and marketing from Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, and Oxford University.

Supported by the Marketors’ Trust