Create the Perfect Brand

On June 24th, Paul Hitchens, Brand Consultant, TEDx Speaker and Author visited the Museum of Brands to deliver an innovative evening workshop on how to ‘Create the Perfect Brand’.

Hitchens began the night by noting that “we’ve been branding since the dawn of time”, and the past, present and future of any brand are key to its development. He asked us to “Imagine your company as a person, what would they be like?”,  before explaining that to succeed a brand must differentiate and offer something unique, connect and evoke emotion, offer added value and a promise of quality and change and continue to innovate.

A key discussion followed on the importance of values to a brand, and the necessity of standing for something. Paul reminded us to consider the words of CEO Amazon, Jeff Bezos, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

Hitchens ended the workshop with a lively Q&A session, with questions from the audience, including representatives from Discovery Inc., Honey Creative, WaterAid and the Salvation Army. Overall the evening provided a fantastic insight from an industry expert, perfect for all of us working towards creating the perfect brand.

Coming up next: Boost Your Public Speaking Skills on the 16th September with Choreographer and Movement & Communication Coach, Emma Zangs, Winning Through Laziness on the 14th October with Tony Durham, Brand and Retail Consultant, and Digital Marketing Workshop on the 16th October with Daniel Rowles, CEO

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