Talk Review: Design for Happiness

Happiness is…workplace acts of kindness, according to Coca Cola. The UK ranks 19th in the UN Happiness Index. If you live in Bhutan, happiness is seen as a fundamental human goal.

Just a few insights from Dr Paul Marsden who, on 19 November 2018, delivered “Design for Happiness” – the first of a series of talks curated by Stephanie Gray, Learning Officer at the Museum of Brands.

A consumer psychologist at Brand Genetics, Dr Marsden looked at what makes people happy, and considered how this information can be used to inject positivity into a brand.

The packed auditorium was encouraged to be empathetic, use signature strengths, make it a “we” brand, focus on what’s right, and finish strong.

A lively Q&A followed.

This was a truly uplifting event.

And lasting effects? Perhaps a resolve to remember the findings of the World Economic Forum – the secret of happiness is kindness.