Winning Through Laziness: Is Private Label Taking Your Business?

This masterclass will provide an introduction to shopper psychology, behavioural science and the development of claims, with an explanation of how these influence shopper choices in-store. The content shared can be used to improve packaging design and point-of-sale material with an instant ROI.

14th October 18.30 – 21.00, Museum of Brands, £45.00 (£25.00 for British Brands Group members).

By booking a ticket for this event you are helping us to continue with our mission. The Museum of Brands is a registered Charity no. 1093538.

What you will learn

  • How shoppers have very little mental capability so use what is instantly available to make choices.
  • How the primary recognition of your brand is through very few cues and mainly by colour and shape.
  • How to learn what these cues are for your brands.
  • How to control how your brand is compared to other options if you expect to win.
  • How claims awards and social proof influence shopper choices.
  • Tony will happily answer questions on individual brand issues and challenges after the presentation.


6.30-7pm Afterhours access to the Museum of Brands. Explore the collection of 150 years of packaging history with drinks available from the bar

7-8pm Talk with Tony Durham

8-8.30pm Q&A and discussion

8.30-9pm Drinks. Last chance to explore the Museum

About Tony Durham
Tonly worked at P&G for 35 years, specialising in helping brands and retailers translate shopper behaviour knowledge into action in the retail environment. He now works as a consultant. A global expert in shopper psychology who has trained and coached the boards of leading retailers around the world, Tony is oneof the highest-rated coaches and speakers with a gift for translating ideas and concepts into practical steps that have an instant impact on sales and profit whilst staying true to the retailer and brand equity. Read more about Tony

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